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What Our Gym Offers


Group Training

At the heart of what we offer has always been group training.  Functional fitness movements that can be scaled to any fitness level.  The movements we program mimic your natural movement patterns that you use throughout your day to help strengthen you outside and give you a feeling of success on the inside as you meet and surpass your goals.



Personal Training

We also offer one-on-one personal training.  In personal training, one program or training ideology does not fit all.  We take pride in listening to you and building a custom program designed to meet your needs.



Youth Programs

We offer programs for kids as well.  We run different youth camps throughout the year.  Not only will they have fun and learn to exercise, but they are also going to learn about determination, overcoming obstacles, and most importantly- how to be a good teammate.  Cheering on and encouraging your fellow classmates to do their best.



Open Gym 24/7

You can have access to our facility 24/7, 365 days a year.  Turn on the lights, roll of up the doors, and get after it.  We have the space and some of the best and most up to date functional training equipment.  Is it a beautiful day?  Take your workout outside.  Not only do we have a spacious indoor space but we have an entire outdoor workout area.  Roll the equipment outside and get after it.  The options are limited only by your imagination.



Gym Plus

This option is unique to Iron Rig Fitness.  You don’t necessarily need a personal trainer, but you are unsure how to set up your workouts for maximum efficiency- let us help!  Set up a time with one of our trainers to ascertain what your goals are and let us help you set up a routine for you that you or a group of you and your friends can complete whenever you want.  It gives you the flexibility to workout when you want, with who you want, and if you need us, we can be right there to offer advice or help with your movements.



Obstacle Course Racing

Simply put- we train, we race.  We have specific training for our OCR racing folks and it becomes an addiction.  It is fun, exciting, and challenging.  Maybe you have heard about OCR competitions but don’t know where to start.  You start with us.  Our head trainer is a perennial top 25 OCR in the country.  He is a threat to podium at any race he enters.  It’s not by accident.  He trains hard and he can help prepare you too, but don’t be intimidated.  Most of our racers are there for the fun and adventure.  We train to all skill levels and abilities.  The point is always to enjoy the journey. 


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