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Iron Rig Fitness is unique in that it is a true hybrid gym within the fitness industry. We bridge the gap between big box gyms and micro gyms, bringing together the best of both worlds.

From group functional training classes, 24/7 open gym so you can program your own workouts and workout times, to personal training, and everything in between.

The Iron Rig Fitness Class Formula: We utilize functional movements and a variety of training methods that make you stronger for your everyday life inside AND outside of the gym, while creating different workouts every day to keep things exciting.

The moderate to high intensity nature of our workouts produces the most ideal response for your body–both for your appearance and performance. Our innovative, intelligent, creative and fun programming pulls the best of the best from various training methods: high intensity interval training, aesthetic and hypertrophy focused resistance training, metabolic conditioning, strength focused resistance training and cardio.

We are also your Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Headquarters. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or just wanting to get into the sport, we have you covered. We not only train for it, but we compete. It is the sense of community and camaraderie that makes the competitions fun and exciting for everyone.

All of our programs provide an encouraging, non-intimidating vibe that makes every member feel they are part of our community. Everything at Iron Rig Fitness can be scaled to your current fitness level–so in a typical class you will see soccer moms next to active military next to high school students.

Every person works together to achieve the same goal: constantly improving his or her fitness level. Although diverse, Iron Rig Fitness members all have something in common: they like to train hard and have a good time!


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